Who remembers these Posters from the 70′s?



Here is a little Blog I have created that may strike a light for you lot back in the mid to late 1970′s


For me as a kid getting ready for adulthood, I was really into Motorcycles and by the mid 1970′s I was buying my Weekly Motor Cycle News that I think came out on Wednesdays.



That to me, was the bible of information in regards to Motorcycles of any shape or form and I made sure I bought it every week.

This was and still is a full size newspaper and for a lad it was awesome as the adverts and write ups were big enough to use as posters in your room.




I had my whole room from walls to ceiling, covered in Motorcycle news from the 70′s.  These helmets were Affordable and under 40 quid as opposed to the 100 quid versions I would never ever be able to afford.

I loved Cafe Racers and anything to do with bikes and when I first saw the advert for Life Crash helmets I made sure they were on the wall.




These girls were on bikes and had on what i thought back then, were skin tight leathers, little did I know that these were the first Skin painted body suits, and it not only fooled me but everyone else who had them.



But there was an even bigger disguise I had no clue about until the 1980′ when I found out that one of the girls on the advert poster was really a guy!!!!

Caroline ”Tula” Cossey

Was her name and after being on many posters and adverts, she was even a James bond girl and I remember her giving out poster at the Earls court Motorcycle show which I would eagerly wear my leather jacket and jump on the train from east Anglia to london to see as i wasnt old enough to have a Motorcycle license.

So soon as I found out that devastating news, the posers came down.

But – I will never forget them posters as a kid, and I haven’t really seen them since but a great idea of that era and only Just really seen similar versions today, but LIFE helmets were a cool Skid Lid for the era.although my first Crash Helmet was a Bieffe for 35 quid that I bought with my 2 weeks wages in 1978.

Just thought that I would add a blog to see if any of you remember these adverts in the Motor cycle News back then?

And how quick did you take them down when you found out Tula was a geezer!!!!!