My K1 with scary 836 K0 Motor

Here is my K1 all slicked up and last week I sold her.
This is the one in the picture above and was green and i called the Green Hornet.

It has a K0 836 motor and a NOS 4 into 1 Motad.
K6 gas tank and side panels, but looks great.
I sold it to some Japanese exporters, so should be racing around in way off parts by now.
Kind of sad to see it go but I can't keep them all.

1976 CB750 K6 STOCK.

Not 3 days after the 836 was sold, I found this K6 just up the road a ways from me.
I bought it home and it is all bone stock as a rock.
Has all the history, still has the owners manual under the seat.
I have factory workshop manuals and lots of other goodies.
This runs strong and hard.
I bought this to clean up and then sell on, as I know someone who wants something all stock would really dig this ride.
The pipes are un real, no dings in it, no holes or rust, it just had light surface rust and that came off with chrome cleaner, its gonna be a sweet ride for someone, could be YOU?


Here is a 1976 K6 Granite Special, this was custom built some time ago by a local Ex Honda mechanic.
This sure was fast and had a clutch that would pull like a tractor on nitrous.


She sat mighty low, with help of custom made blocks etc, had a real sweet 4 into one megaphone that swung out, so you could still use the main stand.
Although if you banked her over on a corner, you'd hear the exhaust scraping.
And was as comfortable as fiberglass boxer shorts.
This is now with a new owner who lives in the same town, but haven't seen ot around since.


Well, Here we go again, this is my next project.
I am building this Cafe as a project to sell.
I have used a K5 frame and a K4 swing arm, a K8 bottom triple tree and a K5 top.
K8 front forks and NOS Clubman bars.
An original TRACY Cafe tank.
Original LESTER RIMS that were on a CR750 back in the 70's from a FACTORY HONDA.
So, she is taking shape.
Will run a K8 engine that runs hard.
Should be fun.
Stay Tuned......


This is going to be a real "Old School" KUSTOM CAFE SPECIAL.
Those who may be old enough to remember the KALIFONIA KUSTOM KAFE of ED SAFIRE's super cool CB750, will love this bike when it is finished.
I am going BALLS OUT, to reproduce a really stunning classic 70's Custom Cafe, and will definatly be along the lines of that famous Southern Californian Classic.

I have no idea if it is still around, but hope the guy see's what I am building.

This will have all sorts of trick stuff.
For a start I am going to use the EXACT body of that bike.
I have a original TRACY all in one body that will sit on here.
Just finished installing the engine.
The engine is a k8 and have polished this and added original finned aftermarket covers.
I am going to do all sorts of trick stuff, so keep ya eyes out over the next few weeks.
I SOLD my beloved Black CAFE and now need another project or 2.
I also have a nice K1 that I am going to fully restore to original.
There doesn't seem to be any Original K1's around where I am .
So 2 CB750's to come out of the Carpenter stable very soon.
Stay tuned.

New HEART surgery on the CUSTOM CAFE

Here is the Motor now all set in the frame, looks sweet but I aint finished.
This has a quick top end in her now, also check out the polished valve cover and finned center breather cap, as well as finned tappet covers.

I have also detailed all the finned parts as you can see,but am going to make my own speed equippment for this ride.
I have used all Stainless Allen headed bolts and have even had the oil filter cover polished.
I fitted a original 70's oil cooler,just to add to the tricked out stuff and then, added braided hose to the oil lines.

I have polished the float bowls and the diaphram covers too and eventually when i get time, have a Complete set of chrome carbs.

Hope to run old school bell mouth velocity stacks.

Chrome and polished Aluminum, what a Combo!!!!

As you can see, I have some original CR750 LESTER rims, these indeed were on a CR750 FACTORY bike and now I am contemplating polishing the whole rim.
The rear brake shoe carrier plate is polished and there are NEW shoes in there.
Chromed the stabilizer bar and the brake rod and spring etc.

I may be making a complete Aluminum rear swing arm and polish it, just to add to the flavour.

The other side is a polished hub and NOS racing 41 tooth sprocket.
This puppy wont just be for show, it will Go, beivee me.
I have many idea's that I am only just starting, so hopefully in the next few days, I shall attach some more progress photo's.
Until then....................Keep polishing.

TRACY Custom seat and tank unit.

I have just bought this old school Tracy tank and seat unit that a buddy in the SOHC sold me. (Thanks Harley)
It plops right on and this is so simular to the one I was looking for.
Will slightly alter it as I want to cover the rear frame abit more,but it's pretty much there, just need to buy a new petcock and then we shall be in action.


I have JUST put the body on to see how the paint job looks, and it is wickedly cool.
It is Candy Apple Red with metalflake gold stripe, to represent the good old SOHC tanks.
The paint is as smooth as a baby's rear end and I am really happy with the outcome of this.
Although, I think I still need to do more to this, just to add a touch of styling.
I haven't seen a color like this, since I caught the Vicar in the Nunery.

Just another shot to get you drooling.

Wow!!! I can't wait to do more to my Kustom Cafe, this will be a real sweet ride thats for sure.
I wanted to incorperate every year of the infamous SOHC from 69-78 and so far I am on track.
I am going to look at seat styles, and I think if I go with the old 60's Diamond stitch seat, it will give it more Nostalgia.
But it still needs some trick stuff and I am working on that right now.
Stay tuned for more information.


If you are considering building a Cafe Racer but just don't have the time to do it.
I can build one to suit your needs at home, you have seen my bikes, you have seen the style I use.
CB750 Cafe's are something I really enjoy building and riding.
So, if I can help, drop me a line and I will do all i can to get your dream ride into a reality.

OK, depends on how far you want to go.
I start at $2000 up to about $7000.
I put far more work into it then you pay, but thats your bonus as this is truley my passion and your reward.
I can always help if you want to have stuff made bit by bit, as like you, I do not have $ bills falling out of my arse.


OK, I shall be combining a listing on here of what I know, and shall add more as and when I locate them.
There are plenty of spares out there believe me.
In the USA alone, 2.7 Million CB750's were here, so I am certain if there are people like you and me out here, there are many others.

CB750 HONDA S.O.H.C. LINKS!!!!!!


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Thanks for having a look at this website, I hope it cheered your day up?

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Here are Just a few more of my very own websites to show you what I do and what I am into.
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