A Cafe Racer Named- The GRIFFIN

1971 Cafe Racer, The GRIFFIN

Here we are with another cool classic ride.

This time, its a 1971 K series that I have changed into a fun Cafe Racer that you can bomb about town on and generally have fun with.

This has all sorts of cool parts on it.

It has my signature steel tank with inserts and will sport a Rocket 4 seat with my oval tail light.

This will also sound great with the Ton Up performance 4 into 1 exhaust system and I love the sound this makes and power.

The bike has Clip-ons too and that is a fun style to have on your own road racer.

The rear has a chrome boxed swing arm and an original Boranni race rim with one of my drilled brake hubs to add to the flavor of yesteryear.

This is titled and just tagged and ready to go, I am just finishing up a few things as I want to upholster it as yet and will complete that this week.

Everything works on this machine and I am sure you will dig the flowing lines of the bike.

I will ship any where around the world as I do with my other machines.

I like the look of this and if you want more photo’s, just email me [email protected] and I will send you what ever you need.

Well, I have finally got this all together, she looks great now.

As you can see, I have now upholstered the seat with the classic snaps, this definatly gives this Racer machine the look of Yester Year.

The tank is painted with a Rich Dark Black and I have fitted a New Gas cap and a New Lock too.

I also added a New petcock so them 3 are over $200 alone to be honest.

The seat is upholstered and I have a New LED light on the rear and all wired, tested and functions great, yes, it does have running light and brake light.

Turn signals fitted to some custom Aluminum brackets I made and tested and work fine too.

The Exhaust barks like a scolded dog and this is one of my Ton Up performance systems and yes, it does have a removable baffle too.

I know you are going to have fun with this Cafe Racer of mine and have Miles Of  Smiles.

This has a clear title and new tags as well, so ready to ride.

So, call me on 714-854-7264 at the shop, or email me at [email protected] or [email protected]

I will always be happy to send more photo’s.

I shall probably add a Video of the bike running and riding that way you can see and hear what the bike is like.

This Bike is Now sold and riding up in central California.

This is almost finished, just ading upholstery and gas cap etc.

A fun bike this will be, I like the style and look of this ride and hope you do too?

Still to add tail light but will complete that this week, I will fit my classic Oval light.

I also have one of my Ton Up performance 4 into 1 exhaust systems on her.

The side covers are now done with the Griffin logo emblazed on the sides.

A great stance and fun to ride, this also has a set of Clip ons to add to the fun.

Once upholstery is completed this will be ready to ship anywhere in the World.

I know some of you will like this style of Cafe Racer and have miles of smiles with it.

Chceck the pic’s out and see what you think, it may be your cup of tea?

Just fitted the tail light, so closer to being completed now.

Here we are with the seat all upholstered and is the old style snap application.

Here is the Rocket 4 seat all ready to fit to the Griffin, looks great eh?

Brand New gas cap and lock are going on the Gas tank as well.

All fitted and is almost completed to be on the road soon.

Next up I need to make sure threads are clean for the New Petcock I shall fit.

There is the New Petcock and ready to fit to the Griffin Gas tank.

Now the Petcock is on, I can fit the tank and then add New fuel lines and that is done.

A very cool and classic looking ride for not a lot of bread to be honest.

My Ton Up Performance 4 into 1 System is a winner right out of the gate.

This has many cool parts on it, exhaust system, rear sets, Clip on’s, racing tank and seat and a Boranni racing rim, as well as the chromed Dresda style Boxed swing arm too.

If you like this machine then grab it whilst you can, yes it has a title and I just tagged it too.

This bike is a great deal and I had fun creating this machine.

The Griffin is a classic looking Cafe Racer and I am sure that where ever this goes, it will turn plenty of heads.

Clip on’s and a cool dash board are a great set up on this bike.