Another build, The WILD CAT !




Here we are with a small build for a chap that is out there in Arizona, he is the CEO of the Phoenix Zoo and dropped this old chopper down to see if I could try and make a Cafe Racer for him.

I wanted to try and come up with a name for the bike and he actually came up with Wild cat and I thinks thats going to be a fare representation of this little caged animal and will soon be tearing up the tarmac in that part of AZ.

Sure, as I know this could be turned into something fun yet classic and in not too much of a time, although, there is more than meets the eye here, as he bought this bike like it is and it has not run in god knows how many moons, but- we enjoy a challenge here and a challenge we shall have.

The bike looks great from 20 feet away but the closer you get you will see that all the chrome has pitted and the wiring is rotting away, the bike has no seat and has Shorty rear shocks with 10 inch over front forks, a poor mans chopper back in the day but Bert wants this as a Cafe Racer, so here goes…..


The bike is pretty much all there, just wrong proportions and some need of cleaning or replacing parts that have seen better days, and being that this is from a hot part of the country, there will be plenty dried out that’s for certain.

So the transformation begins and we are on our way to making somebody happy with their new machine very shortly.

I am now taking this apart to see what we have to deal with and then I can start to change the look of this bike and share it with you lot on here, as many of you ask about what we do here and you can see how this turns out.

The rear wheel is coming out and am going to have original Borranis and powder coat them Red, then polish the hubs and re-lace and then new tires, but also I am fitting new chain and sprockets.

The front forks are 10 inch longer than stock, more than enough to give you a nose bleed at that altitude, so they got to come off and I shall fit some stock forks but lower the front end an inch into the triple tree’s.

The Red is striking when you have a darker color against it, and this really will be a head turner that’s for sure.

But first I need to get the rims built and fitted right, and I drilled the rear brake hub with my Signature racing look and she came out great.

The front wheel gets a good treatment of new stainless spokes and polished hubs with the Spitfire tires to have the classic tread pattern for this machine.

The forks have now been lowered and this is bang on at the front, but- the rear shocks are too short, so will fit longer ones as I get a long with this Cafe Racer Machine. Also the front Rotor was removed and cleaned up then polished just to make everything look more uniform.

The bike came here with no seat at all, and lucky for me, I had an original old seat base , so I took the old foam off it, powder coated the seat base to a high gloss black, then new foam and re-upholstered with Diamond stitching and it looks great now and functions very well indeed.

 The tank was up next and I would give it the good old knee insert treatment and then figure I would have Black and Red checkers to match the rims on this machine.

 Wildcat was hand lettered with an air brush and this looks pretty cool now that it has the clear coating on the body work as all the detail stands out.

The rest of the body work got the same treatment and then it was the careful task of fitting this stuff to the machine and not damaging the paint.

This has turned out pretty darn cool, I got Dakota to Bob the front fender to give it a more aggressive look and then after some rewiring f the old harness, everything seems to function well.


Just some buffing and polishing and this will be as much as needs doing to the bike, but had to do a lot of electrical it was a nightmare.






This then had New chrome Diamond turn signals wired and tested and also we bobbed the rear fender and fitted out Beeza light and all works well.

OK, I thought as its a Saturday Morning I would take a few more photos of the WILD CAT and then you can have an overall look at this beast for your own eyes to savor and hopefully you will like the way the bike has turned out?

The tank turned out well and I like the look of the whole bike as this is my signature styled machine and it sits very well.

The bike has all new tires and the rims were Aluminum Borrani’s but thought I would powder coat them red and they are a good combination and offsets the bike well.

The bike has new rear shocks and are 14.5 center to center, that way it gives the rear end that higher stance, bit like a sprinter on the starting blocks.

The gas tank has been hammered and painted and the inside sealed, it also has brand new Genuine HONDA Chrome gas cap and lock, and a brand New genuine HONDA Petcock too.

This bike has many new parts on it and I am sure the owner will be over the moon as he opens up the computer and see’s his bike on the blog.

I thought I would put a few more photos on here as many of you email me to ask how certain parts look, and this is the best way of showing them to you.



















This has been a fun creation and I look forward to photo of it when the owner takes it back to Arizona and has them great background area’s to show the state he is in.