Tenacious Ton My Alloy Machine



Well, this was my favorite ride that I created, it took many moons to come to an agreement in my own mind as to how I wanted the bike to look and boy was it a mean looking machine. I pretty much got it how I wanted, I didn’t like the X pipe as it was too choked up, so decided to go ahead and design my very own 4 into 2 Dunstall style megaphones and they came out well.


Above was when my bike went to Sturgis for the big Speed show there and it got plenty of attention and I was so stoked about that.


here she was in Sturgis and that one off hand made gas tank was a full 5 Gallons and made the bike in my eyes.

This even had a tax disc from that year from back home to complete the old days look and feel.

 Just about sums my life up on the Motorcycles that I really enjoy, and ride of course.



 This also has a rare “Arces” front end, pre Cerrianni and it was a very cool set up.





 Looking much better and now completed as I fitted my New 4 into 2 Dunstall styled Megaphones and headers, this really did make the stye that I was looking for and was so happy once I had every thing dialed in.




 This bike I aptly named “Tenacious Ton” and a monocle I hope it keeps over the years.


 A seat made from 6061 T6 and English wheeled sits proud on the frame and I used W2 Olive drab hessian Kit bag material to keep with the look of yesteryear!



Double disc set up, drilled and of course the Calipers polished and stainless pistons machined for the inside, sets this apart from others and original AKRONTS fitted to TT100 Original Tires.


Vintage De-soto truck light smoothed, welded and fitted to the bike.




I used the good old piggy back CB1100F rear shocks to keep the flow at the rear end of this machine.


Yes, thats a fully welded Alloy Oil tank from an Original drag bike.

The swing arm is an amalgamation of Kawasaki, Honda, and Suzuki, to keep this Vintage ride looking the part and holding the corners.



Blown out 840cc and Kenny Harmon Camshaft sorts the inline four out, and new Barnett clutch with HD springs.






 Marzochhi Clip on’s from back in the day were sent from home where I made sure they fit and functioned without issues with the cables.


 Polished and rebuilt master Cylinder with Aircraft hoses, makes sure I have stopping power when I really need it.



Sits well and looks like a race Horse and ready to rock!


Hand made 5 Gallon Manx tank with indents to stop the Clip on’s from banging.


Hand made and drilled stabilizer was fun to create and goes with the theme of the bike.



Tear drop rear light that I frenched inside the Alloy seat, gives her a bit more character.




Some nice lines that I thought would catch the eye of any onlooker.


Yep, I love lightning holes and art and, together I think I pulled it off.


Hand made velocity stacks make this a unique set up.

My Dunstall style megaphone really does look like the ones I heard as a kid back home in the day.



I moved the rear master cylinder to the outside of the frame for clearance.

Ex British Drag bike oil tank gets a new life ones adapted and polished.



Stainless Gauze makes sure no crap gets in these rebuilt carbs.



Need to always make sure you have oil pressure.


Original Race masters finned cover.




So rare to find the ” ACES” Road racing front end but glad I chose it.


Dakota made me a Chain guard which we polished and it sure looks the part.



Where I finally completed my build and Happy at the outcome of this Tonacious Ton machine.





Hand made Speedo bracket and an old style 2.5 Speedometer fitted.






Above was a photo shoot that i was so stoked to be a part of as not only was I featured in the magazine in Japan, I made the Cover too!!!!






In my shop doing what I do and I love it, Yes, I am living my dream. And continue to build Motorcycles and create parts.


Part of the feature in Japans Lightning Magazine, such an honor.


Whamo! My Bike makes the Cafe Racers book by Michael Lichter, and a fine book it is if you can grab a copy.



And so, another bike is completed and now resides at another owners home but I loved designing and building that machine and hope to continue what I do and hope that you enjoy the things I create too.  If it has inspired you to get off your Arse and int the shed, garage or shop, then I have achieved something I really wanted to happen.


Have fun with what ever Motorcycle you have, life is too short for attitudes, the commeraderie alone is worth the cold nights, cut fingers and endles tears and will all be worth it in the end.

Thanks for looking!