Many people ask about some of the machines that I have built over the years and I like all the bikes that I have created, I know that these machines are very popular these days, but when I built this, it just stopped traffic, this bike was a great ride and inspired many people too, there are a few clones out there and I love seeing that.

So, I thought I would show this Cafe Racer that I created at home on the driveway around late 2006 and am sure you can enjoy the photos and relate to how ling something like this takes.

So sit back, have a brewski and just keep scrolling down to view the bike I built named……. The Golden Arrow !


Once More, here we are with one of my motorcycles that I turned into a Cafe Racer and built in my garage, this was a cool bike and had stretched the gas tank 5 inches to give it a longer look.

Below was how it was going to start off like but i wanted it way longer so I could go further distances.

The bike was a fun project to begin with and I knew how i wanted it to come out like, I even made the Ace logo up to say Cafe and used to sell them later on as decals for other peoples rides.

I was the first to make gauge faces up as I used to do these on my motorcycles in the UK in the 90′s and wanted to do the same here.


This came out well and went onto designing and using many on my machines.


Everything I did on this machine was hard work, but I persevered and she came out so well it was a shame when I was offered good money for it and I let it go to a new home.


The Motor ran strong and hard, the exhaust barked like a scolded doh as it was an older Yoshimura set up and the carbs were synchronized using the good old mercury stick.

As you can see on the tags, that was built 6 years or so ago on my driveway when I worked at home in my garage, those were the best days I tell ya.

I spent a lot of time on this machine and the Gas tank was stretched, I used 3 gas tanks to get the 5 inch stretch, but it paid off and thought that I would use my own Dunstall seat base t cap the whole thing off.


I did my usual signature drilling of the hub and I chromed the rear swing arm, Laced the polished hub to the good old Harley rim and slung a good old Spitfire on her.

That was my favorite Motorcycle I built and still love it today and would love to have it back at the shop.



I am not sure where she is in the world today but I know it is around as people send me a few photo’s from time to time.

Below, these were my Own decals i designed and have sold many to people all over the globe for their machines.


I hand drilled the front Rotor and rebuilt the front brake caliper too, as well as polish the deep dished Akront rim.

Oh yes, must have new switches when I can afford them as they set the bike off well.

Again, I was the First to use these lights and I have sold over 300 of these to people and are a super set up and last ages.


Original 1974 Speed equipment that I have had for many moons and I wanted it on this machine.

A little bit of creative drilling and polishing really does go a long way on anything that you create.

Rebuilt engine and polished valve cover is a must when you go all out on a full build and this worked out really well.

I was also the first to use this type of braided hose and I have sold over 1000 of these to builders.


I took all the crap out of this and then polished all the anodizing off and got it to a chrome finish and boy did it turn out well.

The Golden Arrow is a really nice machine and sits well on the driveway.

I used 3 gas tanks to get the 5 inch stretch to look right as all the underneath has to have the stock indentations to allow for the carbs to function and petcock too.

I designed this myself and this was the First time I had used it, I have sold many of these decals since and even met a few people who have had this tattooed on them.

I rebuilt the rack of four and then me and my Buddy Johnny Harper synchronized them with a mercury stick, this ran like a dream.


I loved building this machine and I think you will agree, it turned out pretty good.

My own Pedestrian slicer, I must of sold about 100 of these for owners I should think.

Back from its first ride and it was an awesome feeling to hit the corners with this bike but I noticed the weight increase when I put 5 gallons of gas in her.




I used the 750 con rod to make the license plate set up and this was something I made for many over the years.


The bike rolled out very well with all new bearings in the steering head and as much polishing as I could muster.

The Custom oil filter housing was one of my originals but I am now manufacturing new ones, but this was a unique one and I loved it.


I polished an old 10 inch Akront front wheel and that really did set off the front end.

Fun times that’s for sure and also made a good neighborhood watch guy as I was always in the garage building something for motorcycles.

I polished all them motor part at the side of the house using a harbor freight 3/4 Horse buffing wheel.

I used my Dunstall seat base and my LED tail light and of course had to pin line the bike as most of my machines are and this set the look I was after.



I polished the upper triple tree to a chrome finish and also made a display panel in alloy for the neutral and oil pressure switch, with old style lights.


Had some fun with the Gauges as I wanted to add some more to the face and thought that Bang would be appropriate on this machine.

 Rebuilt the front hub and has new bearings, as well as polished the body and powder coated the covers and used stainless bolts though out, used stainless spokes too.

Below, I thought I would do my signature drilling and polishing, now all I use is a cordless drill and I polish this on a three quarter horse harbor freight polishing wheel.




A super nice contrast with Black, Gold and of course Chrome and Alloy, sets the front end off on this Golden Arrow Motorcycle.

Sitting pretty but- this is no slow poke, it gets up and right into it when you open that throttle, don’t you worry about that.



Plenty of things to polish and detail on the good old CB750 and I am sure many of you have been there and done it? And can understand how long all this takes.

This is a 5 gallon Gas tank now and really took a bit of work to get it to lay correctly, but the end result looks great.


I hammer the inserts to the tank and have always done this to get that race look, you can tuck your knee’s into the tank better too.


The Oil tank got cleaned and then I boiled the inside with lemon and then coated with oil again after painting and is super clean inside.


The license plate sets off this cool and classic machine and it was fun to build this at home back then.


Some more Bling to look at on the bike, as i like to add as much detail as I can, but this is a personal preference and you don’t need to do it if you like blander styles.





Yes, there may be a few of these around now, but not when i was doing them and so cool to see these as a popular machine of choice these days.

More to see with, that’s always a good thing for motorcycles these days.

L.E.D. rear light set up really does let drivers know what you are up to.

My front driveway was always packed with my creations, just as well I got on with the neighbors though eh?