This 1974 CB750 came to me in Boxes and needed a total Ground up assembly, but he wanted the Bike Silver and Black so this was the way she turned out.





I did so much to this machine and it has a great look and feel to the bike, as you can see by the detail, this was not a quick week turn around.



I did many cool things to the KC Special and you may notice I rebuilt the front end and machined the fork lowers then polished them to a chrome finish.


The Gas tank got the Hammered and smooth knee inserrts and New Genuine gas cap and Petcock and then it also has the deep Gloss black and metalflake Silver paint scheme.


I used a Harley rear Rim and powder coated it Black, then used Stainless Spokes and rebuilt the hub and polished to a chrome finish.


Hand hammered gas tank and then a Ton of Flake and clear to make this bike stand out in the Southern California Sunshine.

Traditional Racing stripes hug the gas tank and the rear Cowl to show that this is something of a classic nature but has some Race influence too.



I also fitted a new pro lite Rotor to the bike and used a CB750F front caliper to make sure it functions well and its a cool set up for this bike.




I used My ” Rocket 4 ” Seat base to give it the streamline I was looking for and then upholstered the seat in a 60′s style diamond Stitch pattern and Silver snaps, I also wanted to add Silver on the trim to match the flake of the paint.



On the Rear of the Rocket 4 seat I used my super cool Oval Tail light thats L.E.D. and works so well, with a Chrome Bezel, this still screams Nostalgia.



Tons of work here, Cool piggy back shocks with out machined tops and then new Spun Alloy Signals and a cool Polished Italian pair of rear sets.



I also Drilled and polished the front Sprocket cover and chromed the rear swing arm, fitted New chain and sprockets and made Custom Chain Guard too.



So many New parts, just try and add it up and it gets scary real fast, But New Chrome headlight, rebuilt front end with gators, fork tubes etc from HONDA.


Ceramic coated 4 into 1 exhaust system is a the cherry on the Cake as these pipes really perform so well and sound just like the Yoshimura’s of the 70′s.


New rim, new bearings, polished Hub, stainless spokes bigger tire and New OEM Fender with new pro lite Rotor makes this stand out in the crowd.



Rear end got Bigger rim, new rubber, new sprocket and new chain and sprockets as well as Custom Chain Guard, drilled hub with EBC brake shoes.


Polished upper tree, new display set up and Stainless bolts through out  New OEM switches were over $400 alone, Original Gauges with Custom faces and trim to set the top of this machine above the rest.

So much work was poured into the bike and it sure has changed since it turned up at my shop in Boxes and bags etc.



New Everything from switches to cables, to $350 front fender, this bike has all the bells and whistles.


As you can see, braided hoses, drilled kick Starter, Powder coated frame, rear sets, finned equipment and many Stainless allen Bolts through out this build.


Oil Pressure Guage is a must here as I do not trust the lighted version and a Guage shows true Pressure at the motor right away.


Brand New side covers, and Brand new Battery, brand New wire harness and Brand New solid state rectifier, and my Machined Oil Tank Cap looks great.

I have sold many of my Finned oil Filler Caps, just a little something different to add to your motorcycle and boy does it clean that area up.

Last Day at my Stable before she is shipped off to Wisconsin and the owner should be totlly stoked.. hope you like what I did to this old Girl?



Thanks for looking and now, onto the next project to complete for another Customer, always stuff to do here at Carpys Cafe Racers.