Here we are, that is me sat on a old CB750 that really needs to be changed to a Rip roaring, pedestrian scaring Cafe Racer.
So, follow my build up as we go along, as I miss my Old black CAFE so much, I shall make a Clone of it.
I used to get so many looks with that bike, and everyday I get great emails from people, telling me that I have inspired them to build a Cafe out of their ride, well, I gota build another of my OWN.

Keep checking back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tougher than your old Grandma's Panty Elastic!!!!!

What a Transformation.

Here is how the bike is now looking.

As you can see I have changed alot on this ride.

I have fitted an old Kawasaki seat.

You will notice a cool 5 gallon AHRMA gas tank, that baby will hold more gas than King Kong's Bowls.

I have also removed the Invader rims and sold them, so I can get other parts for this Cafe project.

I hope to add more parts as I go along, but keep looking and you will notice I have also added a cool stainless steel 4 into 1 Yoshimura exhaust.

This puppy screams like a roof tiler with Vertigo


50% complete on the mock up of this wild ride.

As you can see, the bike is taking shape of a Cafe big time.
I have also just fitted some old 70's rear sets, these things were as fiddly to fit as tying ya shoe laces with boxing gloves on.

I think I have got them to where I want them to sit, but now I need to get the Clubman bars on, so the bike will have a cool stance.

Still a long way to go, but as this runs quite hard I am not going to tinker too much with the Motor, as it has a healthy 836cc mill and really eats up the rear tire.

When they are stock, they wouldn't pull your sister off a sailor, so I had to have an 836.

I have many more things I hope to accomplish along the way.

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