My Throttle Cables Sticks.

Well, i get this question all the time.

You can make shorter cables and that’s not cheap these days. the 750 Honda does not have solder removable nipples, so, what I do if I use Clubman bars, is I simply re-route them.

I fit the cables on the throttle and then they face out and I route them to the front of the bike, I thread them in front of the forks and then above the lower tree.

I make sure that the cables fit nice on the left side of the triple tree by the brake switch, then hug to the frame, under the coils and onto the carbs. I fit the lower cable forst and the top last, just easier to handle.

Unless you have hands of a four year old.

You have some adjustment on the cables ends by the carb too, check that as well, as you will be surprised as to how much you can get the cables to be really responsive by adjusting the 10mm nuts there.

I also add a dab of Lithium grease to the slide rods too.


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