Hey Gang !

Here it is, the Good old Cafe Racer seat base for the CB750F and the later CB750K.

I have spent some time on this and now I am happy to produce these for the avid CB750F fan.

This seat base will bolt to your Turn signal mounts oif you so wish.

I have put this on a 75 CB750F and it looks great, a very good and sturdy seat base, perfect for you racers out there.

Also will fit the later 1977 and 1978 K models too.

I have sold a lot of these all over the globe and really change the bikes look and ride to be honest.

Have a look at see what you think?

You can bolt this to the frame or through your battery box and leave it fixed, easy as pie, and I am sure you will like the Aggressive stance it makes the bike look?

So, here we are and ready to rock,  just upholster how you want it and of course paint it and you can go riding and get rid of that nasty Whale of a stock seat, plus, this drops you down a few inches too, better center of gravity for them Curvy bends up the road from you.          

I have sold many and people seem to dig them, I needed one for my own ride so thats why I made the seat in the first place.


Length 25 1/4 inches.

The seat area to the hump is 14 inches.

The Hump is 11 inches long.

The rear of the hump is flat and 7 inches high.

The back of the humps width is 9 inches.

The width of the seat base is 9 3/8 at the front and 10 inches at the back, before the hump part.

Be cool to see the good old 750F and the later K models race around in new trim and hope you like this style.

I am also making more styles, so keep checking the website.

As I hope to make other styles as well, just takes a little time, but worth the wait.

Price: $130.00  Using your Original gas tank, this will fit very neatly and look Cool as Hell.
This seatbase, really gives the Classic Cafe stance for your 750F or later K model.
All ready to bolt on and add your arse foam to how you want it and then have fun.
Made of sturdy Aircraft technology, this will stand hardy weather and hard riding.
You can mount your own choice of tail light or make a light for the side of the frame.
Look how cool this sits, a great way to change your stock ride into a cool Cafe Racer Machine, and turn a few heads in the street too.
This molds into the Stock tank nicely.
This seat will give you a lower center of gravity too.
Once you have your foam and you have painted it, I know you will be Happy.
This is cool if you are too short for a stock seat as you sit a lot lower and into the Cafe Racer itself, becoming one with your ride.
So, start on your project now and transform your Stocker into a Rocker.
Soon you will be cruising the curves and enjoying that CAFE RACER you created.
I have even fitted it on a CB500 turbo and now sits on my shop wall.