I have had this film for many years that i recorded off the telly back home in the UK and have on video, i have now bunged it on a dvd and its great to watch.

A true 1970's film with Cafe Racers boldy splattered about the place, this is what i watched as a teenager and always was into cafe Racer motorcycles.

Its bad acting at its best with great motorcycles, fights and carzy drug parties.

Click on the attachment below to see the trailer.

Price: $10.00  Classic 1970's Cafe Racer bike gang .
Up on the back wheel, the Cafe Crazed biker gang show what they can do.
Don't mess with the Bike Club as you will get sorted out big time.
Here comes the funeral , riding down the road and the body in the sidecar.
Same Bike gang as in the MAD MAX film, but instead of Toecutters, they are the Gravediggers .