IS your old Caliper Piston as Rusty as a local light pole?

If so, then you may be interested in my New hand machined Stainless steel caliper piston- and this will solve all the binding brake issues that you have with your CB750 Honda.

Your old ones get as crusty as a Grandma's feet, and the probably work as well too?

But I have now machined these stainless steel pistons to stop all that dilema and now you can have a smooth operating front brake system on your inline four.

Many will know what I am talking about, when you go to move your old 750 that has been sat for some time and the bloody brake wont release fully.

That;s because the piston is dragging from the rust pitts on the piston and cannot release, unless you wack the Caliper with a rubber mallet, block of wood or boot the crap out of it with your shoe.

Price: $89.00  My NEW machined Piston in Stainless Steel.
Well, here is a prime example of how the pistons get all rusty .
Even after you clean the old Piston up, you can see the little pitts and they catch the sides of the bore of the caliper, making the brakes stick.
Here is my Freshly machined one, all ready to use and wont RUST.
A nice piece and as smooth as a babies butt, this wont stick in the Caliper now.
These are perfect in everyway, so say goodbye to them brake issues forever.
These are selling like Hot Cakes, grab ya self one today.