750F Gauge Bracket

Hey Gang

Got a 75-76 CB750F and fed up with the horrible Guage bracket that the speedometer and Tach sit on? Well, I certaingly was and wanted to get rid of that nasty black piece of pig iron and try and dress the top end up some what, so- this is what I came up with.

Functional and neat and of course it comes polished, this is a great set up for you SUPER SPORT owners, as I am sure you do not like the way it looks as a stocker right now?

Have a look and see what you think, I make these by hand, by me and they are ready to go, I even supply the mnounting hardware in stainless steel.

Now that cant be bad eh?

I have already sold a few and people tend to dig them, also it was me that made this and sweated like a SOB to get them to look like this.

I like the way these look and work, and I made it easy to fit as well.

Now, you can also add lights that I  shall be selling too, so check the parts page for the new instrument lights.

I will offer RED, GREEN, BLUE and Amber for those who want some warning lights.

OK, here is how easy they are to apply too.

Simply choose where you want to have your light cluster, and then mark and drill them.

Easy eh? Just simply then, plop the light in the hole and tighten the nut and then connect the wires to the harness inside your headlight or where ever you have routed your wiring.

These look great in any way you drill and set them to be honest.

The choice is up to you my friends.

I know that you will like this set up and as i said, not hard to fit at all and then you can get rid of the ugly Y shaped monster that used to sit in that area .

Price: $69.99  Get rid of that ugly Gauge bracket for my cleaner look.
Does your top end of your Super Sport look as boring as this?
look no further, as here she is, all polished and ready to Rock.
So easy to fit, and you will really like the way it sits and shows off your Gauges.
Made from 6061 T6 Aluminum, this will last for ions.
See what you think, these really are a cool set up and from me at my shop too.
I will also offer the option for cool old style display lights.
I install the bracket then if you want you can add instrument lights by drilling holes.
Easy as this, just plop the lights you want in the holes and tighten and there you go.
There you go, looks a lot better now and of course you can have oil and neautral.
These then accept your gauges and you are ready to rock.
Or you can install the same way but change a little on the drilling.
You can drill this way and then add the lights that you require for your own set up.
Say, well, like how I have done on these ones, look cool don't they?
If you have to replace your top end anyway, may as well go the Cafe way right?