Hey Gang

Many people email me and ask what pod filters I use, so- I decided to be a distributer for these and now make them available to you.

Right now I am selling just these ones, 39mm, but may do bigger models a little later on.

These are dead easy to fit to your Bank of carbs with a simple Hose clamp that is supplied, these are sturdy and robust but look the part, work well and I have alwaysed used these to embelish the bikes engine area.

These will fit any CB750 SOHC Engine from 1969-1976, just simply remove that ugly stock Black air box and wach these puppies on, and there you go with a cool set up thats as racey as they come.

But, you MUST increase the size of your main jet by at least 2 sizes, in order for these to run correctly on your inline four.

As now you have increased the air flow, the motor will be starving for gas.

Many of you have experienced that bogging down sensation when you have tried to fit new filters, so, simply increase the main jet by two sizes and you will have no issues then.

I have used literally hundreds of these Pod filters over the years and EVERY bike I design and build, ends up running these old trusty set ups and, I know you will dig them too.

Buy from someone you know and trust, and you will be glad you did.

These are washable as well, so many years of use.

So, if you want to clean up that carb area, here is the best way to go about it.

Price: $60.00  This is for a set of FOUR a complete set.
Grab these and fit them in minutes, these are what I use on all my creations.
These 39mm are perfect for your inline four and use them again and again, I love these things.
These are functional and look the part as well, easy to fit and maintain.
I always fit this set up and they work very well for the price.
Try them your self, I know you will dig them, gives a Classic Racer look.
A very cool set up and all you need to do is jump up 2 sizes on the main jet.
I sell many of these and everyone seems to like them so that cant be bad?
You will like these Air Filters and really do just clamp on and GO,GO,Go.