Hey Gang

I get many emails asking about my rear brake lever and thought that I would now step it up and sell the ones I use on my Website.

I have sold a few of these to friends and they all like them.

The rear brake lever on the 750 gets a lot of use and of course, most of the

ones I have seen are rusty, grimey or just in a bad way.

Other than trying to re-chrome them or sling some paint on them, they will remain the same old crusty lever.

So, I now have available Brand New ones and I love the quality and the weight, I use these as they work and work well, have a look at the pics and you will see it is nice chrome, sturdy and does the job it was designed for.

So, if you are building your steed again and needed to clean the rear end up, this is right up your alley and fits in minutes, the same way the old one did.

I will also be selling the brake Rod to fit to your bike, so stay tuned on the parts page for an update on that, this will then completly dress the rear end up on your favourite Motorcycle.

Price: $49.99  New Chrome rear brake arm for your CB750
Here it is, a cool looking brand New rear Brake arm Lever.
Perfect for your ride, as I am sure the one you have has seen better days?
Does yours resemble this one?
Its the same fitting as the one you use, but this is Brand new and ready to use.
You will like the quality of this part and I am going to use them on all my rides for sure.
If your rear brake lever is about as tired as Granny on a mountain bike, then this is definatly what you need for your CB750.