Is your old Dipstick battered like fried Chicken?

Want to make that part of the bike stand out in the crowd?

Well, check this out and I know you will love the way this sits and looks on your old dipstick for your Oil Tank.

This is a quality machined piece of work, machined from 6061 Aluminum and available for your Custom needs.

Simply push fit this onto your dipstick and embelish your old one with this really old school flavor.

This is a MUST for you avid builders out there and i know you will enjoy the way it sets off your oil tank.

So, if you are creating your new ride, or just wanted to dress the older worn parts out on your 750 HONDA, look no further.

I am going to be using these on my rides and thought that you would dig them too?

Price: $59.99  This is a must for your 750.
Here is a great set up for your old dipstick, dress it up with the new Finned Cap.
Press fit onto your old one and you are done, easy as that.
Thie really does dress your oil tank up, I know you will dig it.
Dress your old tank up with this cool 6061 Aluminum Finned cap.
Great quality and poilished, this is a nice set up for your 750 HONDA.
If you want to make the oil tank a little less boring, this is the way to go.