OK, here we go with another option for instrument lights.

If you are fed up with your old idiot light assembly, then this is a good option for you with my new lights that are now available.

These are a good set up, strudy and made of steel.

These look like a period piece and I am using these quite a lot these days.

this week I am building a bike and am replacing the whole gauge bracket set up, so I am going to incorperate 4 of the lights that I sell.

These lights are perfect for the cafe racer and easy to install, just drill a 7/16 hole and fit, then tighten the nut and wire into your harness, there you go.

They are sold individually at $19.99 and some people will want 2 lights, some people will want four, just email me a message to let me know what Color preference and off they will go in the mail to you.

Available in RED, GREEN, BLUE & AMBER.

Price: $19.99  Available in RED, GREEN, BLUE & AMBER
Want a cool set up, instead of the stock Instrument system?
How about these New Steel Display lights, and these really are a Classic set up.
Have a look how i set these out, they are very 60's and work very well indeed.
Available in FOUR Colors, RED, BLUE,GREEN and AMBER.
You can have 4 colors if you so wish and I am making this set up for a bike right now.