Hey Gang

Is your horn as battered as fried fish?

Fed up of a muted Horn on your bike thats about as loud as a television with the sound off?

Fret no more then, this is just the ticket if your dog does not bark anymore.

This is a fully Chromed 12 volt Horn that i am now starting to use on my Motorcycles.

be heard from a distance when you need to be heard.

A nice Dulcet tone will let people know where you are at.

Wires into your stock harness and mounts in the same place as the old one.

Just have a look and see what you think.

Price: $24.99  Fullly Chrome 12 volt Horn for your Cafe Racer
A great set up and looks like it was made back in the day for your Classic ride.
Easy to fit to your exsisting set up on your bike and just wire to the same place as you did your original horn.
I use these on all my bikes these days.