OK, I have had many cool people email me about my Cafe's.

I have always used Checkers.


Easy really, think about it.

Checkers is simply  a way to say that you are a WINNER, the best, the fastest, the best of etc etc.

You will pass a checkered flag in ANY race if you win and that's the feeling a Cafe has when you apply checkers to your personal ride.

I have designed these kits to be easily applied to any surface.

They are decals and are very versatile.

The CHECKER KIT comes all ready to go.

All you have to do is determine where you want to apply these and off you go.

The decals are on a couple of strips, and you simply cut the strip to the length you require.

I have a strip that is 24 inches and another strip that is the same size too., enough to checker a long gas tank like mine and some side covers as well..

These have a UV protectant too, so an added bonus.

plus, every decal I have tried in the past looks great, until you bung some clear coat on it and they end up shriveling like a donkeys dick in the winter.

I have used these decals for about 6 Years now and they are all fine with clear coat on them.

These are easy to apply.

First, determine the length you require and carefully cut to size.

Make sure your surface is clean and no dust etc.

I spray soapy water on the tank and then lay the tape on the tank and position it, as the water allows it to move around.

Then , with a soft cloth, smooth out the water and this will get rid of any air bubbles etc, this is easy to do believe me.

AI leave this to dry for about a minute or less, but make sure you smooth all the water out.

As an added bonus I will be supplying some strips of clear decal tape.

Apply the same way, spray water over the checker, then apply the clear.

Spread any water or bubbles out with a cloth and there you go.

This is extra protection for the painters clear coat and more U.V. protectant.

Yes, these are expensive, but, these are a tried and tested formula, I have had lots of other decals that are not up to the job.

You have seen my rides, and they all have these kits on.

The decal is 2 inches wide.

You will find that these are not that thick, as once the backing paper has been removed, these are thin and the clear coat will easily cover.

Also they are now available in other colors too.

I have spent alot of time trying these out and all my Cafe Racers that I checker, I do this way.

And, they are all still in great condition in all sorts of coutnries and climates.

Best $50 ya can spend, other companies charge $100+.

Saves time, money, sweat, tears and swearing.

I can fit these easy and fast and they really do enhance any area you so desire to fit them to be honest.

Great product and you will find this easy to apply.

The shipping is $6.50 and I will send these in a tube, so they do not get bent in the mail.

Thanks for looking, and I am certain you will dig these decals and they will add that certain Classic look to your CAFE RACER.

I shall also be selling other decals to add some cool lines to your 500 pounds of fun, so check the parts for sale list out.

Price: $50.00   Dress that boring gas tank and side covers up with this Nostalgic Decal Kit.
Look at these Classic lines.
Here is the kit.
Clean the gas tank of any dust.
This will make the decal sit smoothly.
Simply peel and position and smooth the water out of the decal.
Place decal where you would like it to stay.
Make sure you have it position as centered as possible.
Use a soft clean cloth to smooth water and air bubbles out.
This will smooth out easily and make the decal really stand out.
Now, for added protection, add the Clear decal, using the same procees as above.
Smooth water out and air bubbles the same as checker decal.
There you go, a cool Classic Cafe ready for clear coat.
Easy as hell to apply and transforms your ride for sure.
A great addition to your ride and freshens any paint job up.
Try them out, I know you will be impressed by these, i always use this method.
Different variations can be applied to mix the style up of your motorcycle.
Try different color combinations, as it really does change the look of your creation.
These just enhance the good old Cafe Racer.
So, you decide then take the plunge and change the look of your build.
So, there ya go, these chackers kits are simple but effective and good Quality.
Available in other colors now and really set off your ride.
Treat ya self and fit these with ease in a few minutes and be amazed at the look.
I have them in Gold and Black, silver and black, and of course Black and white.
Have a look and see what you think, I have built many bikes and used these products, they work very well.