The old original ones are now too dry and they tend to crack or just break when ever you try to remove them from your beloved  bike.

The after market ones I have seen are just not up to the job, as well as many do not even have the tabs on them and you need to bolt them on.

These side covers are ready to go.

These are not fiberglass, these are not plastic, these are made from a strong, yet flexible Eurythane and will be stronger than anything else out there on the market.

You choose if you want to paint them but thats it, the tabs are super strong and way better than the originals ever were.

I am selling the right and the left side, so check the website for this set up, as I had to have them made because I had run out of any good ones for bikes I am building for customers.

Made sense to have them manufactured and these are great quality.

I shall paint and set and fit to a few CB750 k series, just to show how they look and fit and then you can make your mind up if you want these for your Honda Four.

These will fit 1971-1976 CB750K

I may make the 77 and 78 ones later but shall see what the input is like.

But stay tuned for more photo's and information as I go along and make more of these.

Yes, I will of course ship all over the world, no worries.

I shall always use these on my builds from now on, very flexible and look great.
The tabs are on this already and ready to use on your project.
These fit the same as the originals but are way better made.
They take paint and polish up really well, I am sure you will like this product of mine.
Yes everything is in order with these, better than anything out there right now.