Right This time I am now manufacturing a 'Special Edition" series 4 into 1 exhaust system.

 The exhaust that I am having hand made is being fabbed by an INDY exhaust specialist.

 The exhaust is awesome, Purge welded with an awesome collector that gives better power than anything out there. This is a work of art and boy does it fit snug. I have to remind you that this is not cheap, its created by a master craftsman of Race exhaust systems and still today building INDY exhausts.

This will flow like no other 4 into 1 system in the world and hence the price.

I will be taking video and also some Dyno video later on, just to show you the flow and curve of this awesome set up.

I have one now and am fitting it to my machine as this is the test dummy, and i will check everything on this from the fitting, to the finish.

 If you are looking for a top class, specially created exhaust for your 750 honda 1969-1978 SOHC, then you have found it.

 I am excited to use this system and i will be adding photo's on here. Let me know if you are interested in this exquisite Performance exhaust system. I am taking pre-orders now at [email protected] Peace and Grease Carpy

Price: $999.99  This is a handmade Race style system.
Hand made, each piece is a work of art and boy does it flow.
Just look at that perged collector, its sweete as can be and smoother than a baby's arse.
I will be using them on my Race bike and anything else that is producing some power.
Just have a look for yourself, the welds are perfect- inside and out !!!
This cetralizes itself once you bolt it on, very clean and tight.
Available in plain steel or coated, this will really change your machine.
I am so stoked the way this turned out and every angle is bang on for your 750-4.
I know that you lot like what I have for sale for the inline 4, and this is pure 100% performance.
Take a look and see what you think of this awesome set up.