Honda four CB750 t-shirt -


Well, this is what will be on the front of the shirt or back if you so desire but I prefer the front. Let me know what you think?

Although Right now, ALL my shirts are printed on the front.

As you can see, I have now changed the design from the earlier one, I think this looks alot better and have the old style emblem design on it. BUT- I do not have 230 pounds of thumping fun on the New shirts.

These have sold really well and they are good quality shirts, non of that crappy  Wank- Smart special offer stuff.

This is a two color design and alot of people ask me where I got the shirt from. This is such a handy item to be wearing at a swap meet, as someone will ask you if you need parts etc. It has helped me out many times.

OK, these are available in most sizes, so they can cater for all people.

I have them in Medium, Large, extra large and the good old double fat 2XL.

They really are a hit amongst 750 HONDA fans.

Prices are good for a two color Hanes shirt.
These are pre-shrunk so you will have no worries with them, I have washed mine many times and still not a probelm.

$15 a shirt and $6.70 for shipping is a fair price and it will go to you via priority mail.

Also Delivery Conformation too.

International is priority global and thats $5.00 shipping for one shirt and $9.99 for TWO internationally.

I only designed these as I could never find a cool SOHC shirt anywhere.

So I bit the bullet and had a go at designing my own one.  This really has taken off and I have had repeat orders, so that can't be  too bad.

I have sold many of these all over the globe and I am sure you will really enjoy the shirt and the print.

Please ask about the size of shirt when ordering, as I may be out of stock for a small time.

Grab one for you and one for ya buddy as they will really like these.

Great conversational piece and plenty of  other CB750 afficinado's will inform you how cool that shirt really is.

They wash really well and I have had my one for a long time, as I have used a great printer with expensive inks, none of that  "Shirts R Us crap".

I have had many people email me and tell me how cool the shirt is and how bold the colors are too, so check it out, you will not be dissapointed.

I enjoy what I do and have a good name, I have alot of friends that I have made via this and I am stoked you like my tee shirts and Motorcycles etc.

I hope to see some of you at the shows and please come up and say hello if ya see me.

It is great to chat to everyone.

I am sure you will get many happy years out of my shirts, as I know I do.


When you see the quality, I am sure you will say Jesus Christ these are cool!

Thanks for looking.

I will of course help you on shipping for multiple orders.

Price: $13.50  This is the BEST shirt around for miles.
NO LONGER has 230 Pounds of thumping fun printed on it though.
The color is bolder than a knight saving a damsel.
Uncle Sam is the Cafe man.
Wear them anywhere, even at drivers school.
Warmer weather is on it's way, time for new threads.
Really big print and sharp, bold color too.
Wrench away and if ya get lost on a part, heck, look at ya shirt.
Yep, the Inline Four is the Engine in my book.
Fly the flag and show what Motor turns your crank.
Also keeps you from getting too Exhausted !!!!!
Ready to wear and jump on your 750 Four.
Makes a great gift for the wrench head in your family.
These are great Quality and wash well, as I get Crud on me real easy.
The Lovely Danni Bee , showing what its all about.