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OK Gang

I have had a few of you email me about DOHC stuff, so this time I had a go at an old 1980 CB750C seat I had laying around.

This has been remade, using the stock base.

I have made new foam, it is re-shaped and looking like a early 1960's race seat.

It is bloody comfortable too.

This time I went with the White Lines of the Isle Of Man T.T. bikes and this has come out looking crisper than burnt bread at a bakers.

Have a look, only you can decide.

It is the only one I have right now and if I make any more for people using their bases, they will be over $400 as the work involved is quite absorbing.

So, if you wanna stand out in the crowd, have a go at this, it is the ONLY one I have for a DOHC and I am sure you will be more than happy with it.

I love the look.

I was not going to bother making one, but, alot of you also own the later year Honda's and I thought that as I had a spare seat kicking about, I would change this to a cool looking cafe.

This is an instant customize, as you bolt this to your existing holes in your frame, there you go, real coolness in less than 5 minutes.

Remember, Rome was not built in a day, and this seat wasn't either.

If you want cheap crap, then go to and I am sure they will help you.

I make my stuff last and, look cool, so you know you are getting a good deal and a great product.

Thanks for looking.

As I said, right now, this is the only one I have, I do have it on EGAY but can pull it off if you lot need it.

Peace and Grease


Price: $350.00  This is a New seat made by me and fits a 1980 CB750C and is READY to ROCK.
Here is the seat. it looks killer.
I have no DOHC frame so have bunged this on a 74 Cb750 SOHC rail.
Classic early 1960's lines.
Hot to trot, go on, I know you want it.
The material is softer than a college Nerd.
Tougher than Auntie Mables fried bacon.
Plenty of room for the double fat riders.
Just screams out Cafe Racer.