That's it, right there, thats the coolest patch to show what turns your Dial, the 750 Logo patch was designed by me and is a fantastic embroidered patch of high quality to adorn your Jacket or anything for that matter.

This is a Great looking patch and I have had mine a couple of years and no worries at all, hot, cold rain etc and she is still looking good.

If your into the ols 750 HONDA's like me, then, you will love this patch.

I have had these on my jackets for years and many more people and friends of mine have them on their jackets, coats and even bags etc.

I know you really will dig this, show the world what you like with this cool set of threads.

So grab this and some of my other patches etc and show everyone what you are into.

You will be glad that you did.

Price: $7.00  A Cool 750 Logo PATCH FOR YOUR JACKET
Choose Black & White or Gold & Black.
Dress ya jacket up.
Looks just like the Original.
If you are into your 750 like me, you will love this design of mine.
Dress your jacket out and show them what turns your crank.