Norton Style Cafe Decal, for your CB Racer


Hey Gang

If you are like me and can sign write abit, then go ahead and lay some ink down on your gas tank.

This takes time and you have to watch for flies, snot, bugs neighbours earthquakes and wind etc.

But, in a matter of seconds, you can use my new decals and WHAM, look at the cool, crisp and outstanding motif this is.

Styled in the Old Brit days of the Norton, this cries out to be on a Cafe tank, side covers, helmet or your locker or toolbox.

Have a look at the design and see what you think.

This is hard wearing and will not fade like other immitation ones.

I have spent time developing a good vinyl and here it is.

Bloody easy to sling on to, just soapy water, position in place, then sponge off and there you go, ready for clear coat and show the world what you dig.

So, why not have a go and see what you think, alot faster than hand painting like I have to.

I can also make these in a few colors if needed for the same price.

I will ship priority mail and have it in some cardboard so as not to bend or crease.

Here ya go, ready to sling on your Cafe Racer.

Peace and Grease as always.
Price: $30.00  These are a PAIR of Black decals, but can change colors if needed. "8'X3"
Set your sights high and dress your tank out with these decals.
Make your Cafe look like an original old school Norton.
This is a hard wearing decal, no fading here.
Looks Great from any angle.
Get ready to show your steed some Classic styling.
Get that Cafe built for the Big show here in California next year.