OK gang!

One of the most important add ons for that inline Four of yours is this baby?


Well, you can instantly see if your motor is running strong, and the oil pump is functioning and not going to grenade.

Oil lights are ok but the 750 ones become tempremental and not always work correctly.

This does away with all this, and its a classy race part too.

This water filled oil pressure Gauge is a superb item for your bike.

I use these all the while now and later on I shall be making my own Gauges with a cool logo on them, so stay tuned.

I trust this and use every time I build anything, I swear by them.

I have tried others but they do not hold a candle to this one.

So, if you want that Custom or Race bike look, then look no further, you have found it.

These are a cool item and period too, back in the 60's these were used on alot of race bikes and I will always use them on mine now.

Priced right and ready to rock.

Easy to fit and work instantly.

Treat your 500 pounder to a new pacemaker.

$50.00 and she is in the mail.

You do need some mechanical abilty to fit these, basically you remove the oil galley plug from the right hand side of your motor, up above and to the left of your points cover.

Center punch it and then drill with a 21/63 drill bit, any shop like ace hardware etc will sell this.

Then use a 1/8th Tap (NPT) and tap the plug, simply apply teflon tape on the threads of the adaptor and then screw it in,.

I would screw the galley plug into the motor first, then the brass adaptor with teflon on the threads, then a little piece of teflon on the guage and screw that on, there, you are done, this is a 20 minute job or less and looks so cool but os so functional and an important part for the CB750.

Price: $50.00  The ultimate add on for your classic steed.
Better than the crappy oil light, thats about as precise as a ruler with no numbers.
Make sure you have this set up on your Cafe.
I know you will be thanking me later.