Classic Cafe Tri-Bar headlight

                    Ok folks!

I am sure you have built your ride, you take it out at night and can see about as much as a fruit bat?

Struggling to see whats ahead on them twisty roads at midenight?

Well, this could be the answer to your problems.

This is my style of headlight I use now and available to you.

This headlight unit is brighter than Einstein and will probably blind a man on the moon.

This will bung out more wattage than a power station.

I had poor dull headlights that are about as much use as a condom machine in a nunnery.

So I use the Tri-Bar set up and love the way they work and I can see so much more on these back roads.

They have to correct look and add that Custom touch to your ride.

People trust my stuff, I am a one man band, not some company that employs a bunch of people to bang the stuff out on their website and just do it to grab your loot and bugger off.

I do this as it is my passion and my life..

Visabilty is the name of the game, these headlights are not cheap, but i use what works and looks good and these are the dogs bollocks.

I will always use these from now on, as I seriously doubt there are any brighter than this, you can feel the heat from these when you crank the on switch.

I grew up with this in the UK where it started, my dad being a pioneer in 1959.

A real Rocker.

No wanna be, the real deal.

People can guess the history, I KNOW it,  as I have lived it myself for over 3 decades in the saddle.

So stick with me and let the others do their own thing, my name is good with you all and my stuff works.

Have a look and see what you like, I shall offer a cheaper style too, depending on what you like.

But check the photo's out and I am sure you will enjoy this as much as I do.

I love this stuff and I have made so many friends on here, thanks for being part of my life and Motorcycle lifestyle.

Stay tuned for more parts that I am bringing out, I shall be  producing many more cool parts for our rides.

Keep ya eyes peeled, Deals, are a coming.

This headlight is a great part to have and safer as people WILL see this bright light coming towards them.

This is for the light, you use your old chrome bezel and headlight Bucket.

I have sold over 200 of these and all work well on ANY 7" headlight bucket set up, buy from someone that uses the stuff, not some factory,.

Thanks for looking.

Price: $49.00  Classic and Brighter than a Math teacher.
This is MY classic headlight set up and this really does burn up the tarmac.
This will brighten any dull day and make anything be noticed at night.
Check out the way this thing looks, just like a diamond.
A very nice touch to that Cafe Racer of yours.
Elegance and style, this will complete your ride.
Enjoy seeing at night and be seen in the daytime.
I swear by these and boy do they look great.
A decent set up that really does make the difference.
What a great looking Steed.
Grab yours today !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
These have been used on many cafe Racers now and look the part too.
Just grab one to complete your ride.
I have used these for many years and always look bright.
Will work with any 7" headlight