OK Gang

People ask me what I use for turn signals, directionals, blinkers, indicators, etc etc.

Here is what I use and I like them alot, been using them for many years now and a trusty set that I have never had any problems with.

These Chrome (Not Plastic crap) Turn signals are a favourite of mine and I am now selling these for your Cafe bike, any bike, it is a 12volt set up and easy to fit.

This is a single filament wire bulb, but is brighter than Einstein.

I always use these as they are functional, but hard to see on the bike, until they are turned on, kinda stealthy that way.

Ya gotta be seen when manouvering through traffic, especially in Built up area's or foggy mornings etc etc.

Be seen, be safe is a good Moto.

So, here they are, they are 12volts, 4 watts and as long as you have a hole for it to go into, there ya go.

Ground them to what ever you are fitting too and then fit the wire into the harness where your old big elephant eared ones used to go.

Easy as that.

These are 1- 1/4 X HIGH X 1-7/8" High and 2" deep.

These are a good set up, else I would not use them. I must of had 150 sets of these with no worries at all.

So, there ya go, have a look and if ya like em, buy em.

I have sold many hundreds of these sets now and they last and work very well.

they are made of steel and are chrome, not plastic like so many others.

There bolt is hollow,. so the wires feed through easily.

Stealthy looking but really Bright when you hit the switch, they are 12v bulbs too.

So stick with what looks good, is Classic loking and easy to fit.

I know you will dig them.

If you need turn signals, come to the place that has everything under one roof, makes sense really eh?

Just fit them and you will see the difference.

Many thanks to you all for buying my products.

Price: $99.00  Great set of Chrome turn signals.
These are an easy add on to your Cafe Racer, and gets rid of them ugly stockers.
These are for any 12 volt Machine.
Classic style and chromed for that vintage look.
Ready to fit and ride, easy set up.
I used these on the GREENDAY Cafe Racer too.
Very Cool, but so very functional.
So, treat your ride to some new Signals.
These really do look cool on your ride and function better than the big ugly stockers.
These are way better than the stocker ones and boy are they bright.
Grab these and fit them in minutes, they work a treat.
I use them on all the builds I create.
As used on my Infamous Cafe Racer K5.
Always a classic style that never fails to do what it is meant to.
Easy to fit. and ready in minutes.
So grab these whilst you can.
These are small but when lit up are pretty bright and do not look like ugly stock ones.
get your rides all on the road and ready to rock.
These are made of metal not Plastic, so you can polish the Chrome.
So grab these and off you go, as simple as that.
I use these on all my creations and have lasted for years with no issues at all.