Hey there Gang

Well here is another style of light I use in some of my creations and, am more than happy to supply you with them.

Remember, my stuff has been tested and works, it is from the USA and is always a goodpart to rely on.

This Teardrop is also DOT approved and stamped on the lense to prove it.

The rear light is a brake light too and being L.E.D. this will certainly get you noticed day or night, or in dull conditions.

I was suprised at how bright the brake light was and a very safe system to have in a high traffic area on dark days, or anytime to be honest.

I have fitted this to a number of my machines and am more than amazed at how they work, very cool and a reasonable price for safety and style.

So, if your looking for something cool, this is it.

The plastic bucket carries a bulb holder.

This can be cut off and just use the rear light and lense and the wires, you simply attach the 3 wires to your harness, I can give you the color codes when I send the light to you, no frustration and burnt fingers.

So, have a look and see if this floats your boat.

Check my other parts too, as there maybe a few other things you need for your Cafe Racer.

Peace and Grease , and as always.

Thanks for looking at my website.

Price: $60.00  This L.E.D. Rear light is DOT approved.
The Cool and Classic Teardrop light has been used for many years and now, available as a bright L.E.D. option and is DOT approved too.
This will definatly get you noticed, night or day.
This really is bright, and acts as a stop/tail light too, so ya covered both ways.
You can leave the stock bucket, or remove, and sit flat on the fender. Easy to fit.
Add some bling to ya thing, this is a cool set up.