stainless steel Hose clamps for Carbs and intake

        FED up with your intake hose clamps rustier than a fog horns bolts?

Well here is the remedy that will stop that for many years.

How about a set of 8 stainless steel hose clamps for your inline Four?

Yep! I have now got these babies available and boy do they look good and work well.

The stock ones from honda are not only made of cheap TIN, they will rust fast and guess what, nearly $17 EACH!!!!!!!!!!

So, here we go with a set of 8 for $20.00, thats almost the price of ONE stock one from HONDA.

These are stronger, wont rust and also have the shoulder on them, so they will not tear your intake manifolds, like stock hose clamps will eventually.

I have been using these for about 7 years now and mine are still good and shiney.

If you are looking for quality and value for money, then look no further.

These clamps are from 32mm-50mm and fit to your manifolds easily.

They will also replace the hose clamps you use on your pod filters too.

So, have a look, you know how cool my rides on and you too can share the same clamps I use.

For non metric people these are 1-1/4 in - 2inches.

I have these now in stock and ready to adourn your bike today.

if you want more info, or photo's, just shoot me some ink and I shall be more than happy to help you out my friend.

I have seen these for sale at over $4.00 Each!!!!

I am selling these for only $20 for 8, so what a saving and these really are the best around.

Thanks for looking, I do stand by my parts and boy do these stand up to rain, wind, snow and piss.

Price: $20.00  Perfect for CB750's I use them all the time.
New stainless hose clamps with shoulder, so no tears like stock clamps.
These will not rust and are a great dress up for your intakes and Carbs.
Clean up your engine with these great clamps.
I use these all the time and they look great and function perfectly.
32mm-50mm, This is the best set to use for your INLINE motor.
I always fit these to my rides and they last for years.
So have a look and see what yours look like compared to mine.
Better than the Tin crap Honda sold back in the day.
If you want good quality, then look no further than these.
Don't let your old clamps let the look of your ride down.
I am certain you will really like these.