OK Gang!

I had so many emails asking about my gas tank, I am now reproducing this awesome Cafe Racer Gas tank.

This will be almost Identical to the Vincent Bike that was mine.

I will make some changes though, as I shall change the Gas cap, as that early Monza style is hard to locate and expensive.

But, I still will have a cool flip up Cafe Gas cap, made from polished Stainless steel and will suit this tank down the Ground.

This will be ready for your Motorcycle, predominatly for the CB750 but will fit a multitude of others with your own brackets etc.

The Glass is of supierior Quality, as I have taken a long hard look at places that fabricate Glass products and none I found were up to scratch for my standards.

So I thought, what the hell.

I have gone on my own instincts again and have JUST made the mold for this gas tank.

All you will have to do is Paint it the color you want and mount the thing to your Cafe Racer Motorcycle, now that is Cool news or what?

I am so happy the way this Gas tank has turned out, I am NOW selling these to anyone that wants to add a touch of Nostalgia to their ride.

Bigger tank, means further distance and this will be alot better for sure.

if you like my Black Vincent style cafe.

Then this is the copy of it, except has a cooler Gas cap now too.

I have inserted thick anchor blanks to attach the petcock from a CB750 and also inside the front part to allow for the earlobes to sit how you want on the gas tank.

This has the ears fitted to the inside of the tank for you to simply plop on and insert into your rubber bushes.

So, have a look and you will see this is truley amazing.

It took me some time to get this right.

This is stronger than the Original and I mist say a great shape.

The inside already has a coating that will not let Gas deteriate the glass, this wont de-laminate like many others and use what gas you want too.

So, for many who asked, here it is.

No bondo or filler etc, ready to go, you just paint it the color you want and then mount it to your bike, you fit your Petcock from your CB750, the 2 Bolt type and there you go.

Thanks for all the emails, I will try and get the cheapest shipping to you, as I want to make sure you are happy, I know the product is good and I have tested alot of it.

I shall be using one on my Own New Cafe I am building for my Daily rider.

I will send all over the Globe, no problem.

I built this bike for a Customer recently and he digs it.

Thanks again and I shall add more photo's as I go along.

You can buy an old second hand one around for $200-$350 but it will be 3 decades old, the laminate will be crusty and, alot of times the tank will be warped.

This is brand new, has new composite that is way more durable than the tanks of old, this really is a High Quality Cafe Racer Gas tank and I have molded inserts for you to drill and tap your own brackets into, so a multi use Gas tank for your future or present project.

These are not cheaply made and the price is worth every penny, I have sold alot of these and customers are happy at the way they look and feel.

OK, more good news!!!!

I have Just had some locating ears made and these are now molding into the gas tank, so you can simply push the tank on just like a stock one, this took some research to get right, but now it is a treat and easy to fit to any 750 HONDA.

I have also made a stainless monza flip top Cap now too.

And I have yet Another Cafe Racer tank almost ready for sale that has a different shape but will fit exactly the same as this Dunstall one.

So, stay tuned on the parts page as I have all sorts of goodies coming up for you lot to use on your Cafe Racer Motorcycles.

Here is the Gas tank I just fitted and it looks really vintage and a snap to fit now i have the locating ears added.

Then, all you do is fit the petcock and your seat and you are ready to roll again.

I just fitted one and took some pics of how I fit the Petcock etc, so no worries now, you have some pics to show you how.

I use m6 bolts so use a m6 drill bit and tap.

Just plop the tank on and line it up how you want it, you can fit a petcock from a 1970-1975 CB750 on either side of the tank as I have 3/8" Aluminum there.

I actually look at where the petcock will sit and then, with the tank on the frame, put the petcock in place roughly and make sure the throttle linkage does now foul the body of the petcock, Make sure you have full throttle too as the slide arms go up a long way.

Mine fit and do not catch at all, so once you have marked where you want to fit your petcock, simply outline it with white pencil and then remove the tank, lay it on a towel and drill the center for the brass feed tube to fit through.

Once you have done that, fit the petcock and make sure its all the way in, simply line up where you want the Petcock to sit and drill through the petcock where the 2 other holes are.

Once through.

Use an m6 tap and tap the threads in the outer holes.

I will supply m6 bolts and you can use them.

Get a new petcock from honda for about $40 and then you are all set.

This really is a great buy and from ME, so I use this set up alot on my builds.

There are others out there and cool parts no doubt, but save some loot and buy it all under one roof.

Check out the Polished Stainless Gas cap, it looks like it was made straight from the Road racing days of back home in Blighty.

I am also going to design a few more styles of tanks and you can then sit back and chose your own look and create a very cool and Classic looking Cafe Racer of your very own.

Easy to fit and holds 5 gallons as well, so will help you on long journeys. the stainless gas cap is thicker than a Village idiot and looks the part too.

I know you will really like the look of this gas tank and have sent them all over the world.

Price: $599.99  This Classic Cafe tank is Brand New.
This is My Original Tank and this is what she will look like.
You will of course, paint this yourself to what ever you want.
Here I am with my New mold for the Gas tank.
This will be a great product and alot of Development by me has gone into this.
Here is a genuine Tank and my mold next to it? Perfect match.
Here she is, already to rock on your Cafe Racer Motorcycle.
Cleaner than Grandma's Bathroom, this is a Brand spanking new set up, and thicker than a classroom idiot.
Classic polished Aluminum racing Cap, very stylish and works a treat.
Exactly like the Old Dunstall and this is definatly more stronger and will not break apart like many I have seen, this is Superb all the way.
Here is one I am using for my Own Cafe Racer, this is the first off and all will be the same as you see. Far better than the 1970's omes, I have used expensive materials and this truley is the BEST on the market.
Here you see, I even fitted it to a SuperSport. very Cool indeed.
These will paint really well and hold gas longer than the Original ones.
Cleaner than a cats arse inside and prepped correctly.
These are so cool and strong and MINE do not leak like so many that advertise theirs. I use PUMP gas too.
Trick enough for Greenday to have one.
Look at this one I built and still running after a year.
Just plop the tank onto the frame and line up petcock where you want it, make sure that your carbs do not foul the thing as once you have drilled it, you are committed.
I draw around petcock and then Drill Three holes, the Center first.
Fit the Brass tube in the hole all the way until it is flush on the tank.
Once you have done than, line the petcock with the line you drew and drill the other two holes with an M6 drill bit, as you need to thread the two outer holes.
Use an M6 tap and thread the holes for the securing bolts.
Simply screw the bolts with washers into the petcock and there you go, done.
You are now all done, just add the screen and gasket and fit the bowl.
Now fitted with a polished Stainless gas cap.
Sleek lines, this gas tank really is a Hit on peoples CB750's.
The Gas cap looks like the days of old.m Polished stainless.
Change your stocker to a real Rocker.
5 Gallons too, so always a longer trip can be had.