OK, you have crappy old clamps that simply need to be ditched and cooler ones bunged in their place right?

Look no further, I now have available Aluminum 7/8" handle bar clamps to dress the top of your triple tree's out.

These are polished and ready to go and, will fit any SOHC 1969-1978 CB750 tree.

I shall be adding photo's this week so stay tuned.

Get rid of them boring Idiot light display and use my clamps, they clean the front end up really well.

These are BRAND NEW and I actually hand polish each one that I have, and really, these are the Dog's Wobblies, the Quality is as good as all my stuff and it is brighter than Tom Cruises Gnashers.

So, if you have a set of stockewrs and hate the look, or the Idiot light display, that you simply cannot abide anymore, flog them off to a restorer and bung my Custom ones on. They certainly dress the top of the triple tree up no end.

I can also paint these Black if you so wish too, and they can look cool that was too.

Have a look at these and see what you think.

I use these on ALL my builds and they are really a great addition for your CAFE RACER.

I have been using these for a long time, these are great for your CB750 or any 7/8 stuff should still fit, and look at my rides, you will see mine are not snotty like the older ones got from sitting in all extremes.

I  Know you will dig these and I have fitteded these to a number of Customers rides too and everyone has dug them.

The decision is yours, but a good one at that is you choose to use my Cafe Handlebar clamps.

Price: $40.00  Use my New Polished Aluminum Handlebar clamps.
These hand polished Bar Clamps are my new style and boy do they look cool.
Fed up with yours looking like this?
Do you hate the Idiot light assembly and want a Cleaner look?
Take the old stuff off and fit my CAFE RACER parts and see the difference.
Are yours Nasty like these?
BOOM! Check them out now, thee are Brand New and I polish each one Personally.
These really are a great addition to your Cafe Racer Motorcycle.
I can do them in Black if you so wish?
Ideal for your project, have a look, these Kick ass!!!!
These Bar Clamps look cool on any 7/8 headstock but I use these on ALL my rides.
So hear you are, a handful of Coolness all ready to mail out for your Classic Cafe build.
These are easy to fit and clean up the top end of the steering assembly.
You can leave them polished or paint them, what ever you want to do.
I have sent these all over the Globe, a New part that looks Original.
So easy to fit and, there you go, back on the road again.
Already polished, so you just remove your old ones and fit my new ones.
So, treat yourself and dress that top end of the bike up with my parts.
A really fast and easy way to change the look of the clamps and there you go...done !