Cafe Racer Front Fender

    Hey Gang

Yep! More cool parts coming from MY Speed shop, this is going to be one smooth looking fender that I am manufacturing for the good old CB750.

I have many idea's I am beggining to get underway, so please check back, as I hope to add sme pic's as soon as i have taken them.

My parts work well and last bloody ages.

Many people are Emmulating the style I create and I dont mind at all, but I am the real McCoy.

this is something I really do have a passion for and many many people have tried my parts and like they way they look and of course fit.

Stick with someone you can trust and lives this lifestyle not just trying to coin it in.

I am making this here at home, not in the Phillipenes like cheap skates are, this is Quality and it fits, unlike the other stuff I have seen out there.

I spend alot of time in Development and making sure that everyone can fit this with no issues, and I beleieve this to be the BEST out there.

Constructed of high Quality Aircraft Epoxy, this will stand the test of time, this can be oainted with no issues and fit directly to your Original brace, just grind the old nipples off your rusty Fender and bolt this to your brace.

This look super cool on any bike and with the added Bead around the fender, well it is a killer deal that you will be pleased that you have purchased.

Stick with the best and you willl be more impressed than even here.

The other Geezers stuff is as limp as a Vicars handshake, look at my stuff and you will see, I live and Breathe the Cafe lifestyle.

So if you want another winning piece of Cafe additions, then here we are, just what you need to cheer the front end up of your Cafe Racer.

Price: $69.00  This is MY Signature Bobbed fender, Perfect for your Cafe Racer.
Here it is the beaded Cafe Fender, designed by yours truley.
This is a great addition to your Cafe Racer Motorcycle.
Has the Ribbed bead all the way around too.
Constructed with Super strong Aircraft Epoxy.
This will fit to your Original Fork brace, and you will have great rigidity again.
Made in the USA not the Phillipenes.
So, dress your front up with my New Cafe fender.
I used this on my Own KOPPA KAFE show winning bike.
These are easy to fit, just grind off your old one and remove the rivets, and simply rivet the new one on, after you have painted it.