OK, many people have asked about my Cool gas cap, so I thought about it and have now made it available for your very own CAFE RACER creation.

This particular model is made of  Polished Stainless and is very sturdy and polishes really well, it is polished from me anyway but this is a good product that I stand by.

If you are looking to trick your own Gas Tank out, then here is a good item that I use all the time and have now come to share it with you.

Simply drill a hole for the Nozzle and then insert the Gas cap, use machine screws to secure and of course some sealant under neath and there you go, instant Coolness.

A great Product from the Cafe Racer shop here at Nostalgia Speed & Cycle and I really do like this style of Gas cap and want to share it with you.

Thanks for asking about it.

These are really great quality and now all polished too.

I use these on all my New gas tanks that I produce and really enhance the look and give it the taste of days gone by.

These are easy to fit and being Stainless steel, will last in all weathers and conditions.

I have always liked this Racing style of Gas cap.

And I am sure you will equally dig these as well?

Price: $85.00  This is a Classic Gas cap for your Cafe Racer Tank.
The good old Racing gas Cap is a true Old days touch to your Build.
Just look how cool this is .
Easy to fit and boy is a great piece.
Flip top makes it easy to get to in a Hurry.
I have used many on my own Creations.
Simply cut the 2" hole and insert my gas cap kit.
See how cool it looks?
Can fit to any tank you want if you are good with a drill.
Many cool tanks have had my special touch and this Gas cap kicks Arse.
Dress that Old tank up and have the cool look right away.
See, what a great set up for your own creation.
Fits on any flat surface and boy does it look cool.
Grab one for your ride, its a Piece of Nostalgia.
These will test any elemant and as they are polished stainless, they really do shine.
A Nostalgic Gas cap for your creation.
A nice finishing touch to your Gas tank and its a sturdy piece too.
Easy to fit, just reseal gas tank and off you go.