Hey Gang. Are you fed up with sticky carbs? Are you bank of 4 carbs beaten to hell? Or do they leak like an ill fitting diper? I have now fitted this set up on a few models and love the way that this work. If you have a long history of carb problems , these new 29mm carbs are the way out for you. These carbs are the best bang for your buck, and not only do they loo the part, they actually will increase your Horsepower by 10%. I had them checked out on a Dyno and will be adding some Video later of a bike I am creating for some clients and will share it with you. Dyno Dave in Orange can help you with all your Dyno requirements. But, you can simply bolt these puppies on and be suprised at the difference you will feel, as well as how much easier the motor is to start. I can supply these to you for 1969-1976 CB750 and also I can supply these for 1979-1983 DOHC Honda's. Email me for more info. [email protected]


Price: $OUT OF STOCK  29mm CR Carbs, Direct bolt on for CB750 SOHC.
All the GRUNT you need with 10% increase in Horsepower. BOLT right on.
These are the best on the market and Priced cheaper than alot of the other companies out there.
look at these puppies, they are the BEST for your inline FOUR.
Cant go wrong with the 29mm set ups as these are EASY to fit.
The best for your money and these work really well.
The Greenday Stock carbs were tested on the dyno then removed.
Carbs removed and ready to assemble the CR 29mm carbs.
There they are, all waiting in that cool looking Box.
Take them out of the packaging and begin assembly of these smoothbores.
Plop the rubber O-Rings in first ands then screw the intake manifolds in place and make sure they are snugged up using a rag and a pair of soft mouthed pliers.
Now these are all in, put something soft on the bench and turn these puppies over.
Fit the Velocity stacks, they will only go on one way so easy to fit, but the Gray clamps are a bit of a pig at first to snap on correctly, take your time.
There you go, Bob's ya uncle, these look the part eh? eh?
With the soft rubber intakes of mine, these pushed in easier than hands in wet cement.
Fit the throttle cables on the carbs first, make sure you remove the cables from the throttle body on the handlebars so you can adjust the cable on carbs.
Sexy or what? A great set up and boy do they make so much gain in the 750 motor, so responsive I was really impressed by these.
This is the perfect set up for your 750 HONDA.
Check these 26mm set out I am fitting to a 400/4 HONDA.
Gonna be a tarmac eating monster now.