Hey gang

OK, here at Nostalgia Speed and Cycle, I try and come up with Quality goods and I have done alot of research into materials these days.

My tanks are a little more expensive, Why?

Simply put.

Quality stuff mate.

Alot of people email me and tell me that they have bought tanks from other companies, and theirs so far have all delaminated, due to poor composite and not having a good enough sealer, and to only run Race Gas.

yeah? is that so? Well, if you are happy to pay $10 a gallon for race gas, then thats cool for you.

My tanks now are made from Aerospace technologies and the gas is fine, I have tested a dozen tanks and left gas in them for weeks and no delamination.

Thats why I make sure my stuff works well and is tested in alot of extreme conditions.

I have even stuck one in a -40 degree freezer.

this gas tank is just as good as my others and a really swell looking tank.

the glass is smooth, and I am using a really nice gas cap, something that looks really Nostalgic.

And, my gas tanks now have the ears on them, so no more bolting, these use your original frame rubber bungs.

So you slip the baby on, and like a new sock, it hugs tight and looks great.

Honestly, I promote motorcycles in a big way, I want to have a product that not only looks the Dogs bollocks, but really is a very functional piece and will give you miles of smiles.

I am concentrating on more parts now, so stay tuned.

Yes, I ship all over the World, I just sent a tank and seat to AFRICA and  a few sets of tanks and seats to Argentina.

The Cafe Racer virus is out and spreading like hot butter on toast.

This gas tank you see has taken some research time to get just right and no issues like many I have tried.

Alot of companies sell their parts and thats it, I guess thats fine, but I want you to come back and inform me that you are stoked with the products that I produce.

I am now receiving alot of emails stating that.

Here is the T.T. Tank, looking Racey as hell.
Superb knee inserts that really give it that Nostalgia touch.
This will be sent in shiney Black gel coat.
Big Polished stainless Flip top Gas cap.
This will be a great asset to your Cafe Racer Machine.
This is already to plop on your CB750 frame from 1969-1976k.
The polished flip top is a great set up in stainless and this baby holds 5 full gallons.
Very stealthy and holds a FULL 5 Gallons of Squirty stuff.