Here we are at Nostalgia Speed & cycle and this time with a drop dead sexy oil Filter housing.

My others are cool but these ones are made out of solid billet and machined with precision.

These are the best around and a lot of time making sure that the quality is as good as anyone else can do,.

So, if you want to dress the front of your motor up, this is a fast and easy way to get yours looking sweet.

these look the dogs bollocks just polished, but you can detail them yourselves to add some more bling to your 500 pounder.

this has classic cooling fins and go all the way round the front too.

Even the recess in the base is bang on and your O-Ring will plop right in there.

Many hours of research goes into my products and these are not cheap, takes over an hour and fifteen minutes to machine alone, so you figure.

But if you want some of the best stuff out there, look no further, you know me, you know what I do, so have a look and you decide.

Price: $150.00  This is made from a solid Piece of 6061 Billet
This is an awesome Custom piece for your CB750, made out of solid Billet.
I have made sure these has so much detail, just look at those fins.
Totally machined from one solid piece of 6061, this is Quality all the way.
Stunning in Apperance and even raw but polished, these look bloody great.
Available only from me and this is something I know you will dig.
This fits easily and is way better than the original.
Add that touch of Nostalgia to your ride.