Here we are with a cool set up that I use from time to time on the creations I build, and now available to you lot.

How about these cool looking headlight ears that I have used for over 30 years now, tried and trusted and just look the dog's danglys.

I really like these and are super easy to fit.

These are Universal and will fit a multitude of machines as they simply wrap around your fork tubes, tighten the bolt and there you go.

If you want a trick set up and your original ears are buggered up, here is an easy solution.

I am sure you will like this set up and the chrome is a good quality too.

Drop me a line if you need more info [email protected] and I will always reply.

Price: $19.99  Add a touch of Racing history to your ride.
These are great for the CAFE RACER, these just wrap around your fork legs .
Really easy to use and changes the look of your bike right away.
These are sturdy and made of steel and chromed, just like mine from the 1970's.
Will fit 35mm and bigger fork tubes for numerous Motorcycles.
So, if you are stuff for idea's, here is something to help you out and look cool too.
You can keep them chrome or powder coat them to your color taste like I did.
A great addition to your cafe racer motorcycle and easy to fit too.