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Café ‘Leather Jacket’ T-Shirt Brando Style

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Here is a really cool set of threads that you may enjoy wearing, this set up is the Bee's 's knee's,  and I am happy to now off this design to you from my website and now store front at my shop in Anaheim, California. I drew this about 6 years ago and then I took a photo of my original leather jacket with my Earned badges and turned this into a trick Tee shirt and thought it would make for an interesting design.


I am the President of the 59 Club and I proudly promote this infamous club and you will see that I even have the 59 Club patch on the sleeve.


I have my Original Ton Up Pirate patch design on the other sleeve to replicate my leather Rockers jacket and it really looks the part.

This is now available for you to purchase and I have in sizes from Medium to XXL, take your time and  I have these in stock, and I ship 6 days a week all over the globe.


 If you like the unique style to MY design, then be sure to hit the buy it button, these are a really solid print and they are 100% Pre shrunk Cotton and will give you many years of smiles.




These make a super gift too and Summer is round the corner, so grab a few as these are the talk of the town, I wanted something different and I remember the old Tuxedo shirt from the 70's and thought I would make my own leather jacket version.




 So here it is and printed on a Medium weight Gilden Shirt, and this is a hard wearing shirt, I  personally love it as I have a motorcycle business, so it does not show up any grubby hand marks like a white shirt would, but look at the detail as I used metallic Silver ink for the zipper and studs etc and you can see all my Original badges on the lapels etc.