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Price: $9,500.00

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OK, all you Hot Rod fans



Take a peek at the cool stuff we have here at Nostalgia Speed & Cycle, here we have an ALL STEEL 1928/1929 PICK UP CAB.

Here is a great product that is hand made all the way, this 28/29 Pick Up A-Bone Cab is already assembled and all set to ship to your abode.


This is a Brand new all steel cab that comes in 2 guises.

1. Stock configeration.

2. 6 inch extended cab.


And for $9500, this is all ready to bolt onto your chassis, you will really love the quality of the metalwork.

We ship all over the world, so call 714-744-4597 or email at [email protected] for more info.


This is a super set up and easy to plonk down on your model A frame or deuce and get ready to complete your Hot Rod or resto etc.


We have sold quite a few of these bodies and even have our own Shop Truck to blap around town to get all our parts to the shippers on time.


Have a close look at this set up, and you will see this is quality all the way.

Yeah- we ship all over the place, so don't you worry about that, also- we have dealers spread about the USA now.

I love the shop truck and have had many fun miles of smiles with this ride, and I am sure you will too.?