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Bobbed Rear Fender

Part No: AAA030


Price: $99.00

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THIS FITS any 1969-1978  CB750





Here we are, and have yet another cool product now available to you, the Cafe Racer builder.

How about my new, fiberglass rear bobbed fender? Yep, if your old chrome one is as rusty as a light house exterior door, then its time for a change, and - what a better change than this set up.

It is piss easy to fit and will last years, chemically inert and light weight yet sturdy, this puppy looks the part. This is a cheap replacement but, by no means is this ready for a show, some will want to paint it and there will be a need to sand it  and prep the bodywork if you want a show winning look. For $69 this is a great deal, but if you are expecting a finished painted or prepped fender, this is not for you. Would take me too long to prepp these and you can do that easily as its such a short item. Has the cool bead line around it too and I fitted it in minutes on my 750 today.


Use what ever light you want, this makes the rear of the bike look a lot cooler now.

I have sold maybe 100 of this and only one person was not happy as it wasn't perfectly finished to fit, what can I tell you? if I did that, they would be $199.

But I have used many and they paint really well. So, no more welding and bashing and swearing, have a go with my stuff, it is the dogs wobblies mate.