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S.O.H.C. HOP UP MANUAL HUGE Book packed with great tips.

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I have a HUGE HOP UP MANUAL that I have put together with over 3 decades of magazine articles on how to increase power and of course performance out of these 500 pounders.


This is no thin book my friends, here we have a massive amount of information right at your finger tips, and not only that, I have these in Chapters too so you can find the cool stuff that you are looking for with ease.

This book is no way a lightweight deal, this weighs in a 2.2 pounds on her own and is plastic covered and binded to make this a great manual that's a Plethora of information on the big 750 Four.

With over 40 Sections to go through with tabs attached for easy navigation, this makes a cool gift and will be ready so many times.

It takes many years to acquire this and I have sent these all over the globe to happy customers and I know that you will enjoy it as much as I do and still read today.

There is everything here from a mile hop up to a fully blown motor that will pull your own arms off and beat you with it.

If you really are into these inline Four CB750 Engines, then this is something to have right there on the book shelf, at home, at work, in the garage or the shed, as there is always something cool to look at and read.

You decide, but it really is a collection of many years of magazines articles that I hope you enjoy as much as I do reading them.

As big as the Old Yellow pages, this is something to keep and I am sure show your friends too.


Everything from Russ Collins kits, to ATP Turbo's it is all here, Webber carbs, Super chargers and how to make a stock bike run 12's seconds all day .