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Ever been sat there, chewing your Nails, trying to figure out what the float level is on your 750 Four or how about the Piston to cylinder clearance for a CBX?

Maybe you are stuck on the Oil capacity for a 1978 XL250S?

Or what standard slow jet for a CB/CL450?

So, here is the Bible to tell you all the Specs for HONDA motorcycles produced from 1959, right up to 1980.

This is a must.

I do use this for myself to double check and sometimes I am glad I did.


I have sold many of these and my other manuals, as they are a plethora of valuable information.

So, if your kicking yourself to find out what the front tire pressure must be on your CB400T or what the Front fork Fluid capacity is on your 1976 CB750F Super Sport.

This is THE book to use.

Big A4 pages and easy to read.

A great gift too and all printed and bound, ready to use.

This can save hours of thumbing through old clymer books or scraps of paper.

And this is a heavy 316 pages of information that is really a handy edition to own.

Starts from 50cc right up to 1100cc Honda's from 1959 - 1980.

Many owners have different models in their collection and this will cater for all your Honda's requirements.

So go ahead and treat your self.

You'll be glad that you did, believe me, I was.....


This is Just the ticket if you own a HONDA Motorcycle from 1959 right up to 1980.
This covers all the Vitals you really need to know if you are servicing your bike.

So many models that is squeezed in this bible and easy to get to with BIG pages.
I use these all the time and now, available to you.