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OK-here is something you may need if you are cleaning the rear end of your machine up, As we are now selling as much as we can for your machine, we are now putting every little part that we use here at the shop and that way- you too can get on with your work and have a completed project and not waiting for more parts from else where.


This time we are offering the Round rear brake Joint that sits inside the cradle of the brake actuator on the rear hub, this is often overlooked when restoring a bike and you end up using the old original Rusty one and boy does it let the side down when you have a New brake rod and spring .

Have a look and see if you can use it, this is a genuine HONDA one and you know that this is not only quality all the way- but it fits where it supposed too.

So now you can purchase everything for the rear end of your motorcycle with a few easy clicks and then you are ready to put that mess, all back together.