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Super Sport Rear Brake Braided Hose

Part No: AAA213


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OK people, here it is.  I have now made braided hoses for the 1975-1978 CB750F HONDA SUPER SPORT model ( S.O.H.C ).

These are really high quality made hoses that I have made by a company that produces parts for Boeing and Formula 1 cars.



I will be using these on all my F model bikes and have been doing recently and love the style, the fit and the look.



Plus, these are a nice set up and they come complete with the bolts and crush washers, so you can easily unhook yours, it these, a quick bleed and you have not only cleaned the rear end of your motorcycle up, this will increase your braking management.



I am sure that you will like these, and your original ones have seen better days that's for sure!