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Here we go, this is what you want for your cool 750 Honda, this is the NEW Cross drilled 2X1 Dresda Style swing arm.


This is all ready to go, this comes complete and by that I mean, it has the Bronze bushings in, so all you need to do is remove your old tired and rusty swing arm, remove your pivot bolt and slide and insert into this one and bolt back on, as easy as that.



This is a great set up and adds a number of cool things to your machine.

For One, it means you can run a fatter tire and wider rim.

For two, you can run the chain longer as the adjusters are longer than the stock ones you have.

And three, this is made in a Jig and is a strong 2x1 boxed section steel racing swing arm, this will help cornering big time, no more of that arse end stepping out as you get into the apex.



This is powder coated and all you need is to use either your old original shock bushings or HONDA still sell them new,.



I also sell the standard non drilled swing arm, and that will be on this website and available too.

This will fit the 1969-1976 CB750K model and boy is it a great set up.

I am sure you will like the way that this puppy looks and of course, improves the handling of your machine.




I ship around the world, so no matter where you are, we can get it to you.