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Part No: AAA232


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OK- here we are with another handy part for your good old 500 pounder.


That's right, your CB750 HONDA, if you want a good part, this is it, if you are changing your brakes out or hoses etc this is a must.


This is for a genuine OEM HONDA brake line bolt and this is ready to go.

Just using a 14mm wrench you can change all your old worn out and rusty bolts for these brand new ones.


I use these in ALL the motorcycles I own and have built as well as the many that I have had to service over the years.

I am trying to get more and more parts available for you as i use them anyway and may as well help other people out too.


Keep checking the parts page as every day I add a New part and maybe there are more parts that you require for your trusty steed?