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Polished Finned piggy Back Cafe Racer Shocks

Classic lines for the classic machine, dress your ride and look the part with these cool set ups from us here at CCR.



Here we are with a cool set up for your Cafe Racer project.


 How about a set of Piggy Back shocks, all set up and ready to go on your ride?


 Well, we use these here at the shop and I machine special 6061 extensions on these to give the 14.5 length required in the Cafe Racer set up.


This is a complete package and what I mean by that is you simply take your old tired shocks off and fit these ones and you are done.



 This comes with Brand new Genuine HONDA bushings that I press into the head of the shock, and not only that, these come with Genuine HONDA chrome washer and Genuine HONDA Chrome Acorn nut as well as the genuine HONDA Chrome metric Bolt to attach these shocks to your swing arm.




I have seen some like these on the market but the lowers do not fit as they are too small, the bushes do not fit the 750 either, so I went ahead and made these kits up and now you are ready to go, these are also adjustable too and come with a C-Wrench to set the height you like.


 These are available In Silver or a Gold and are ready to mail right out to you.



I have used these on a few bikes and love they way they look and handle and I hope you do too?





 As I said, these are adjustable and ready to go, so buy here from your one stop shop.


 These really do alter the look of the bike and the ride height as these are Just how I set mine up and wanted to offer them to you.




 Have a good hard long look at the photos and you decide if this is something that would suit your 500 pounder.



These work well on the CB500/550 too.


Great for any of your Honda projects.


 Comes with ALL the hardware so you are ready to go out the same day and see the difference.


 Keep checking back on the website for more cool parts as I hope to be offering more and more as I go along.





 These make a very cool gift to, boy wouldnt the old man be surprised to get these on his birthday?



 Ride height is 14.5 but you get almost 30mm of extra adjustment.



 We love them and will continue to use these set ups.




 Thanks for looking, if we can help, drop us a line at [email protected] or failing that, sling a Dime in the slot at 714-996-4597 and we shall do our very best to help you with your inquiry.




We try and help the best way we can and i have enjoyed how these Shock Absorbers look on the bike and thought that you lot may like the, too, we fit them to all our machines.




Even on My Triumph Thruxton they look the part.



As well as on my New Royal Enfield 535 too.