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CB500/CB550 4 into 1 Exhaust

CB500/CB550 4 into 1 Exhaust

Part No: AAA097

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OK, here we are:

I said I would have exhausts produced, and now I am ready to sell these to you. Anyone with a 500 or 550 will dig these new exhausts..

They are made of steel and are ready to go and fit to your motorcycle.

These are as good as my 750 systems and I am happy at the way they look, fit and of course sound.

So, if you want a cool set up for your Cafe Racer or even stock bike but- a bit more horsepower then this is the place to come too.

I will be adding photo's on here for you to see and hear and I am certain you will enjoy another cool Cafe Racer product from me at Nostalgia Speed & Cycle.

Yes, I will ship anywhere around the world and have done with my 750 exhausts.

You will need to increase your main jet size for sure but, this really is a cool set up and am taking orders now, these are ready to ship and have to many many people.

Keep checking back, as I will of course be inputting some video's of this set up and how to fit.

Now, it's just down to you guys and gals to order and have fun with your Honda.

Oh yes, I do have a removable Baffle for this too, as many ask me, I always have a removable baffle.

This is a nice set up and I have sold many in the first week, so stay tuned for more on this cool 4 into 1 performance exhaust system of mine.

I am going to get some footage of this exhaust next week, as I shall be taking this Cafe Racer out to EL MIRAGE, and this is an old time Dry lake, where many people have taken motorcycles and run great times for speed.

This will be a good opportunity to take video at different speeds, that way you can hear the exhaust and see if you like its velvet tones.

I will be building another cool Cafe Racer out of a 550 Honda and I will try and make a few video's of that, and how I fit them, that way, you have some sort of reference if you want to fit the system yourself and need some guidance.


If you are looking to buy them in plain, raw steel - great, we've got those ready to ship out!

OR we now have a new Ceramic Coating Service for an extra $180 - these are made to order & it may take an extra week or so until we ship your coated exhaust, but it is well worth the wait!

Check out the photos below (keep in mind the photos are of the CB750 Exhausts, but you get the idea) & see if you like BLACK or SILVER better...