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‘HONDA CB 750 Four’ T-Shirt

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If you are as nuts I am about the good old 500 pounder you ride, then this is right up your alley.




This is a great tee shirt that I wear a lot and I have always promoted the CB750 S.O.H.C. motor and thought you lot may like the tee shirt I have available.

This is a great 2 color set up and is also a great way to advertise the fact that you really do dig these engines.






Sometimes I get offered engines from the public, as I have the shirt on and they tell me.


" Hey! I have an old engine like that in my shed, or back yard, ya want it, come take it"



So that's a great free advert for you and you never know what conversation that might crop up whilst you proudly wear your Motor shirt.


Some people will be restorers, some will be like us and into Cafe Racer, some of the people build really cool Choppers too and run the same motor, so it covers every one.

These are good quality heavyweight tee shirt and will last for bloody ages.

The shirts are Gilden and 100% pre-shrunk Cotton.



The print is bold and is really a great way to show off what turns your crank.

This also makes a great gift too.

When you order, just email for the size required. Medium, Large , Extra large and 2XL.